The single most important benefit Wompro International provides is peace of mind.

From minor mistakes to major catastrophes, the number of things that could go wrong in a promotional product campaign is staggering. We cringe when we hear new clients report past horror stories they endured at the hands of some other company: from inferior, ill-conceived designs to sloppy production; from inaccurate billing to tardy—or worse—delivery.

But now that they’ve turned to Wompro International, they can sleep at night. That’s because their campaigns, and their brand names, are entrusted to the expert hands of a company whose “perfect campaign” rate stands at 99.5%. That’s about as perfect a score as you can achieve in any business and still be human.

And the peace of mind our clients enjoy isn’t based on some blind faith, but instead is rooted in the material world: Wompro International’s proven track record, our stellar reputation, our litany of major awards, and our impressive roster of brand name—and satisfied—clients.

So when you come to Wompro International, you’ll benefit both from getting the best promotional product campaigns and by never having to worry that you’ll be getting anything less.

Wompro International Benefit: Know How
Wompro International know-how was gained by creating over 5,000 campaigns. One at a time.

And everything we’ve learned from every Wompro International campaign goes directly into yours, whether yours is for just 500 units or for 10,000,000 (yes, we create campaigns that large, and small).

And while a campaign’s size isn’t an issue with us, excellence always is—which is why we keep our know-how so current, attending trade shows the world over, learning what’s new, what’s hot, what’s happening now, and tomorrow.

Our technology, as well, is always two or more steps ahead. This enables us to keep our clients totally informed, in real time, along every step of the way. And after creating over 5,000 campaigns, we know that’s precisely how clients want to be treated.


Wompro International Benefit: Stay in Control
With Wompro International, you’re never out of control. (Feel more relaxed already?)

All you need to be in total control of your Wompro International-produced promotional product campaign is a computer mouse. Click here, you’re viewing the online presentation of your campaign, crafted by the most creative minds in the business. Click there, you’re approving the artwork online, and another click gives you automatic order updates.

Click. Click. Click. At Wompro International, you can see and manage virtually every aspect of your programme online, starting with online surveys that collect instant feedback, to the on-going detailed reports, and up to the moment your shipment is delivered. All accomplished without you having to step out of your office, or even get up from your chair.


Wompro International Benefit: Manage Costs
Wompro International doesn’t perform a sleight of hand with the costs. Instead, what you see is all you get.

One of the nicest surprises some new clients experience with Wompro International is the fact that there are no surprises with our pricing.

Yes, our prices are low, and extremely competitive. But just as important, they’re complete, total, all there is. And not a dollar more. That’s because our quote is for everything: from our superior creative services including the logo, to all production costs, to duties, customs, clearance and shipping. Nothing is hidden, nothing pops up later, nothing will surprise you. Which can be the best surprise of all.

Wompro International Benefit: Quality is All-Important
Our suppliers can tell you: Absolutely no one is as demanding of quality as Wompro International.

One of the proudest claims a manufacturer of promotional products can make is that they’re a Wompro International supplier, as that says volumes about the manufacturer’s dedication to quality.

Being a Wompro International supplier means it has achieved and maintains our high, stringent standards of quality. It means the company is continually audited by Wompro International’s own staff to assure that neither our high standards nor our reputation ever slip.

Why do we place such an extraordinarily high value on maintaining this selective consortium of quality conscious Wompro International manufacturers? Because, at the end of the day, the quality of the product is at the very core of your campaign’s success. 

Wompro International Benefit: Accuracy
Close to right isn’t anywhere near close enough for us. Or you. Which is why we operate at a 99.5% accuracy level.

You don’t achieve our reputation for excellence by settling for pretty good. Or even very good. Our 99.5% accuracy level is a direct consequence of Wompro International’s advanced, highly sophisticated, streamlined and much-admired global logistics and delivery capabilities.

How powerful are these capabilities? At almost to any given minute, we know where a campaign’s shipments are, and when they’ll arrive. And we continually share that, and all other information, with our client. Best of all, our clients appreciate this full sharing of information, 100% of the time.

Wompro International Benefit: Satisfaction Guarantee
It doesn’t require five pages of fine print to explain our guarantee. Basically, it’s this: Either you get 100% satisfaction, or you get a replacement, a credit or a refund.

Ultimately, everything we do is to produce and deliver the finest promotional product campaign for you and your company. We’re so sure we’ll succeed at that, we actually guarantee your satisfaction.

And even though it’s highly unlikely that you’ll need to turn to our guarantee, it’s still good to know it’s there. Which is another reason why we provide it.


Wompro International Benefit: Expect a Laurel
A final benefit you’ll likely appreciate: Wompro International can make you a hero.

The success of your company’s promotional product campaign depends upon your entrusting your brand and all it stands for to the right group. For some of the biggest brands around, that means Wompro International.

They know, first-hand, that Wompro International’s creativity, tested expertise, competitive pricing, total dedication to quality and our ability to flawlessly and consistently deliver what we say we will combine to make us the right choice.

If you do choose Wompro International, we promise that you won’t be the only person who’s very happy with your decision. Everyone in your company will be, too.

Wompro is a leading suppliers, specialising in creative custom tin packaging, DVD Packaging, CD packaging, Beverage packaging, Lenticular printing and printing solutions in a variety of mediums including paper, card, polyprop, tin and plastics.